Advancements of the scrubbing technology by employing the use of floor scrubber machines!


The floor scrubber machines have come a long way since the first-ever vacuum cleaner was invented in the 1860’s. The original carpet sweeper was created by Daniel Hess in Iowa, US, which consisted of a rotating brush and an elaborate system of bellows on top which is used for creating suction. However, nowadays scrubber machines and the vacuum cleaners are electrically powered and need fewer efforts than what the first inventions required.

The 4 different types of floor scrubber machines

There are four various types of floor scrubber machines in the industry. All the floor scrubbers have their own different features and elements that make each one of them suitable and ideal for the environment and industrial sectors. The scrubbers range from the floor scrubbers that can easily be packed and stored, the others which are battery or main operated and there are also scrubbing machines that ride behind the equipment and tells it the area that requires scrubbing. There are even those floor scrubbing machines that possess an artificial mind and because of that are equipped to scrub the areas all by themselves.

The fold-away floor scrubbers

 In small business enterprises where space is at the premium floor cleaning vacuums and machines that have to be stored away in compact cupboards and storage spaces, there folding floor scrubbing machines are required. The main arm on this model is utilized to manoeuvre the machine as it can be folded in numerous places when the use of the machine has been met.

Battery and mains operated

In surroundings where the available power sockets are at a distance from the floor that needs scrubbing but the extended power leads are not an option then battery operated floor scrubbing machines will be the apt choice. The in-built battery can be charged and it can be used up to four hours prior to re-charging the appliance. The mains operated floor scrubber machine India is one of the most popular machines. They are ideal for small washrooms.

Walking or ride-on machines

If you have been searching for a floor scrubber machine that will be suitable for the large areas like inside the warehouses or retail stores then a walking machine will be the wise choice for you. The operator can easily steer the scrubber around. The ride-on floor scrubbing machines possess 250-litre water tanks and also another tank to collect dirty water.

Robotic floor scrubber machines

If you need a highly specialized floor scrubber in order to clean a surrounding which does not have many obstacles then the robotic floor scrubber machine is meant for you. The thing that you need is to allow the unit to commence, set the program and start the cleaning process all by itself.

The floor scrubbing technology

Every brand of the floor scrubber has its own exclusive selling feature which assists the businesses in keeping their floors clean. The range of the scrubbers and the features gives the customers a wide choice from which they can choose the one as per their convenience and requirement.