The high pressure jet cleaners are mechanical cleaning systems that are primarily used to spray water at an accelerated pressure that allows it to penetrate and discard the removal surface material much more effectively and efficiently than the manual washing method. Depending on the pressure that applied, this system is suitable for discarding dirt, grease, mud, corrosion, paint, grime, mould and many other surface materials.

The ways in which the high pressure jet cleaner can be used:


The sharp pressure water stream is apt for car washes as well as outdoor cleaning of buildings, concrete structures and roads and is also ideal for removing graffiti.

Surface preparation

Facilities, plants, and equipment commonly need appropriate surface preparation by cleaning and discarding all the surface contaminants thoroughly before the application of the protective coating as well as other corrosion safety solutions. These washes are for industrial uses and are highly effective for surface preparation.

Coating removal

Reinstating the paint, corrosive substances and other old protective coating is the essential primary step in the corrosion safety systems. Washing at a high pressure is the favoured technique for discarding coating because it systematically cleans everything without harming the vigorous substrate materials.

Hydro demolition

Repair of the damaged concrete needs concrete removal, preparation of surface and the cleaning of the reinforced steel. The jet cleaner can discard the damaged concrete safely without leaving a rough surface that permits it to bond with the fresh materials. The water that is used in concrete removal procedure also suppresses the dirt

How does the high pressure jet cleaner function?

The whole process of cleaning commences with the trigger. Just when the trigger of the jet is pulled the motor starts turning. It turns the plate inside the washer at the speed that is more than 3000 times per minute. As soon as the plate turns, its thick end pressures the pistons of the washer to descend. The pistons are loaded with spring so that the plate’s thick end turns away from the piston; the spring pushes the piston up another time to its point of starting. As the pistons rise, they pull the water into pumps from one-way pipe. The pistons allow the water in and but it does not go out. The turning plate pressurizes the pistons to go down, they then press down on the water that is pulled into pumps.

Pump’s water cannot be compressed, therefore, it pushes against pump’s walls and the pressure builds up. The water then looks for a place in the pump with minimum pressure to escape.

The thing about high pressure jet cleaners is that it is highly movable that is even if you are going on a trip or just a normal commute to work and your car gets dirty or the building has to be spot-on clean but is dirty so you can simply jet spray the water to clean anything that you want without causing any real harm to the surface.